10 November 2017
- Event Reports
dCS 30th Celebrations continue at SpiritLand With The Future Of Music
November 9th, 2017 at SpiritLand venue: The press was invited to this exclusive event which was held at the fabulous Spirit Land premises, of former BBC recording engineer Paul Noble and now the owner of this unique location. It was hosted by dCS & Absolute Sounds which now distribute dCS in the UK. The subject matter was the future of music and how will it continue and whether or not the quality is going to improve as more and more people experience what can be achieved when using lossless material, rather than the lossy mp3 format which has so far damaged the perception for what the everyday person expects from their iPod or smartphone.

The guest speakers were Ben Gomori from "Pitch Black Playback"  Roon Labs CEO and co-founder Enno Vandermeer, dCS General Manager David Steven, Tony Faulkner "Green Room Productions"  and last but not least Paul Noble the founder and artistic director of SpiritLand and former BBC sound engineer. There was a list of questions which was put to the panel and the discussion lasted for approximately one hour. In this time the discussion focused on the future of digital music and how the majority of people were used to a quick solution ie Spotify, iTunes which offers mp3 quality music. The expectations of many people are therefore greatly affected by what is a lossy format and highly compressed music. This leads to a lesser quality than what most audiophiles are used to and also how the music industry offers music to the mass population. This has damaged the way we listen to music, especially when it is what most people are used to. This is the complete opposite of what dCS are renowned for. They produce digital electronics for the high-end audio world who expect the very best in sound quality from their DAC/Players and have been doing this for the last 30 years.

It was an interesting afternoon listening to the various professionals talking about their history in the audio world and also what we can expect for the future of music. The general consensus was that the best that we can expect from the major recording labels is CD quality or 16bit 44.1Khz recorded material being widely available for streaming, rather than the heavily compressed mp3 format that is currently on offer which is how most audiophiles listen to HiFi.

You can also listen to the rest of the discussion on SoundCloud with the links below...

The full discussion on SoundCloud

dCS main website

Absolute Sounds website

Pitch Black Playback

Green Room Productions

Roon Labs website

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