21 November 2016
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Townshend Audio Seismic Podium Review
I have followed Townshend Audio for many years now as an enthusiast and now as a Hi-Fi reviewer. They have been developing Isolation platforms for as long as I can remember of various types for speakers and electronic equipment. But they don’t just make isolation products but also electronics and speakers, the most famous is the Super Tweeter which I have seen and heard a few times and can be implemented into any system.

All rooms suffer from some kind of acoustic problems, whether that be low frequency propagation or from the type of rattling floor boards or some kind of anomaly which is difficult to isolate and all these issues can ruin the sound quality of your system. Townshend Audio deal with some of these issues by isolating your equipment from the room itself and in this case my room has wooden flooring and when bass starts to drop low it resonates through the floor causing some undesirable effects which have always bothered me. Getting the speakers and system set up properly takes time and to have it ruined by room induced influences is annoying to say the least.

Build Quality and Features

The Townshend Audio Seismic Podiums are extremely well built with the podiums being made up of tough black steel which is very heavy duty and designed and built purposely to hold the heavy weight of some of the biggest speakers available. They are available in five sizes but can also be custom made if none of the 1-5 sizes fits your exact speaker. Each podium uses Townshend Audio Innovative “Captive load Cell technology” that provides a stable four-square footprint well beyond that of the speaker’s cabinet. It’s not just speakers that can make use of the Podium but also subwoofers which can benefit from being isolated. They are suitable to be used on most type of flooring, wood, carpeted of even tiled floors, and add an additional 20mm to the overall height of speakers being used.

Performance and Sound Quality benefits

In my system, I use the brilliant Wilson Audio Sophia 2 speakers which sound amazing and I use them for all my equipment reviews as they are a reference speaker for their amazing sound quality that they offer. I ordered a size 3 which is the perfect size for them to sit evenly on the Podiums surface. I have spent a lot of time and effort in setting them up and for me the sound was great but I would get some terrible resonances through the floor when any kind of deep bass was playing and this had a ripple effect in deteriorating the sound quality overall. So, my obvious solution was the Townshend Audio Seismic Podiums.  

How much of an effect the Podiums has on the sound quality for my Wilson Audio Sophia’s was quite staggering? I was expecting an improvement but not on the scale that they actually provided. Immediately the sound was more focused and the resonances that I used to get were gone, now all that was left was just pure sound and the bass had tightened up massively. The sound stage was more defined by the instruments playing and everything seemed to flow out of the speakers with greater clarity. Playing DubXanne’s album which is very bass heavy on some tracks produced prodigious bass which resonated through my chest rather than the floor boards. It was immediately noticeable how much of an improvement the Podiums were having on the sound. They are a costly investment but not if you looking at extracting the very best performance from your speakers as they do exactly what Townshend Audio say and that is improve your audio quality with vastly improved sound. It is as if each driver on your speakers have been dialled in to extract the best performance possible from them.

Conclusions and final Thoughts

If you are looking at improving the sound quality from your system, then I would seriously consider Townshend Audio’s Seismic Podiums as they seem to extract the very best from your speakers. And if you are like me very picky when it comes to any kind of distractions like room induced resonances then these will certainly solve that problem.
Townshend Audio have been at the forefront of isolation technology and the Seismic Podiums are a sure testament to this as they are a simply brilliant in what they achieve.

Price at time of review approx £2,000

Townshend Audio website

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