16 March 2017
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DMSD 60 De-Couplers Review
I am a big fan of speaker Isolation tools and anything that can improve on what equipment I have invested in, as can be seen from my review of the Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation platforms but they may not appeal to everyone as they come at a cost which to some may not be ideal. In comes the DMSD 60 de-couplers which are at a much more reasonable cost, which is just shy of £600.

DMSD is an Italian company founded by an Italian Studio and recording engineer who started his own recording studio Mixdown Studio’s and then went on to develop the DMSD 60 de-couplers so he has a very good background and knowledge of how speakers work and what problems you get when speakers are not properly isolated and how this problem can affect the sound that you hear. Dave Mastrodonato has worked with artists such as Melissa Bell, Terence Trent Darby and Planet Funk to name just a few, so his talents at getting the best sound went into developing the Dave Mastrodonato Studio Design which is how the name was born( DMSD).

Build Quality

Based in Naples Italy Dave Mastrodonato used his twenty or so years of experience in the industry and using the highest quality materials which are used in aero-space, he has built the DMSD 60 de-couplers which when you receive the box you are presented with 8 de-couplers which feel and look so well put together and with them feeling very weighty gives them a very high quality look and feel about them. The ones that I have received are in black and have the company logo DMSD on them. They can come in a multitude of colours depending on what you like and going through the website you can see that a lot of thought has gone into the design and colours so as to match different peoples taste. I was very impressed with how they arrived and the boxed presentation which speaks volumes about the company in my opinion, it’s all in the details and simple things like these make them all that more desirable when purchasing. Also, knowing the background of how they came to fruition gives you that reassurance that these were developed by someone who is passionate about music and its reproduction.


Setting the DMSD 60 de-couplers is an easy task as it just means placing them underneath each speaker and that can be in the studio or in a domestic environment. The speakers I am using for reviewing are the ATC SCM19AT speakers which also have great studio heritage so it was a simple task of placing them at the base of each speaker. Once placed and I was sure that both speakers were balanced properly I started the listening session.

It was immediately apparent how drastic the change was, it was as if the speakers sound just snapped more into focus with the stereo image gaining more precision with better sound staging and a more coherent sonic image. The bass also tightened up and was more defined, everything that I could have expected and more from these brilliant little de-couplers were working and had made a massive improvement to what was already a good sound from the ATC speakers. Patricia Barbers voice had taken centre stage in my room with lots of air around the instruments and placement of each was a lot easier to place than before as the de-couplers had tightened up the image. By removing them you lost a lot of the stereo image as it seems to fall away a lot easier without them. Adding the DMSD 60 de-couplers is a big upgrade in sound quality and if you are like me, someone who wants the best possible sound then these are an easy upgrade and make a good speaker into a better speaker as it is truer to the speaker manufacturers intended design.

Conclusions and final thoughts

I am completely sold on these excellent DMSD 60 de-couplers as they work extremely well and have been designed by someone who knows what it means to get better sound from your equipment. They do exactly what it says on the tin, as they saying goes and for a very reasonable price too. Considering what I paid for my Seismic podiums these are a much better proposition to potential buyers, a brilliant product which I highly recommend.

The Speaker Shack awards the DMSD 60 de-couplers with a Highly-Recommended products award as they represent great value for what they are and do.

I would like to thank Ian at HMF Solutions for providing these for review.

DMSD website

HMF Solutions website

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