16 July 2017
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Noble Audio Django IEM Headphone Review
Noble Audio by most standards make some of the finest looking IEM headphones, whether they be custom or universal but they really do come into their own with the lavish custom designs that customers can special order. This is the first time that I have had an up close and personal look and listen to these gorgeous looking IEM's from the Californian based manufacturer. They come in various guises at name and price with the Katana being the top of their range, topping out at an eye watering £1,699, but they also start at a relatively bargain price point of £349 for the base Trident model. The Django model that I have here for review sits in the middle at a fairly reasonably priced £899.

I own many different types of Headphones and IEM from varying manufacturers also in price, my current favourite is Audeze for which I own the over ear LCD-XC Planar Headphones and also the iSine10 IEM Planar which is very good for the money. I also have Oppo PM3 headphones, Sennheiser Momentum 2 headphones, B&W P7 headphones, Cowon IEM's, Sennheiser Momentum IEM's. I also own 2 pairs of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones which are the QC35 and the QC30 IEM's which are a great wireless solution. So I have my fair share of headphones all varying in type and price points. I feel that I have a good indication of where the Django from Noble Audio sits in the plethora of headphones out there.

Specs Features and Build Quality

The specifications of these particular IEM's is quite remarkable for the simple fact that they do not just opt for a single balanced armature driver but instead, they have 6 for each sideEach of these micro sized drivers is tuned specifically to play a particular part of the bandwidth and for this, they have a very wide bandwidth in total. You do not get crossovers instead these drivers are tuned to give the optimum sound. The top plates are beautifully milled from aluminium and are purple in colour with the Wizard emblem etched into the aluminium The rest of each ear piece is machined or 3D printed out of plastic which forms the right size to fit in the ear. Each ear piece is hand built and matched so that they form the perfect pair, connections are the now standard two pin type cable which is 0.78mm in diameter and are sensitive enough to work easily with smartphones and DAP's. The build quality is superb with each unit perfectly formed and even though they feel and look weighty, they are extremely comfortable once placed in the ear. They come in a small hard carry case which also has different soft ear fixings which vary in size for universal fit.  This gives the package a luxury feel about them and they certainly feel special when handling them.

Sound Quality and Performance

For review purposes, I am using my Sony NW-WM1A Digital Audio Player which is one of the finest I have owned and heard and is a great match for these particular IEM's as they are an easy load for this DAP. I have a variety of high-resolution music loaded on to my player and also on micro SD cards, ranging from Jazz, POP, rock and classical music.

Listening to Antonio Forcione & Sabina Sciubba - Meet Me In London 24bit 192Khz the Django IEM's have an amazing amount of detail retrieval and a really nice airy and spacious sound which seems to be well balanced across the frequencies with no particular part of the sound standing out or making itself known, so they seem to play on the side of neutral. Antonio Forcione guitar skills are sublime and the Django's portray his talents with an ease and finesse that makes them a real pleasure to listen. Sabina Sciubba vocals sound incredible with real depth and texture to this multi-talented artists voice, she has an almost soothing and hypnotic sound that the Django's captured perfectly and listening with IEM's is just as pleasing as listening on a full sized HiFi system, but with a more personal touch that only head-fi can. Why Can't We Live Together is one of my favourite tracks on this album and the instruments have an uncanny sense of stereo perception and each instrument can easily be picked out which speaks volumes for the accuracy of these IEM's as they play this melodic tune with real conviction. The clarity and definition of the sound are certainly above what would normally be considered as average, and the Django's are certainly in the luxury end of IEM headphones territory.

To step the music up a gear my next album is from the brilliant indie/electro POP band Public Service Broadcasting - Everywhere, this album I ripped from CD to place on my Sony DAP. The level of the quality of this album is just stunning and when listening to this album on my main HiFi system it blows me away with the level of quality. Listening through the Django IEM's proves to be an equally impressive experience even though it is only at 16bit 44.1Khz. The complexity of the music and mix really does separate the men from the boys when it comes to this type of listening, and for the Noble Audio Django IEM's they really do a fantastic job at dissecting each part of the music into a sensory delight for the ears. Track 3 Go to the Road has a banging beat which sounds so good and so right that I could be forgiven for thinking that I am listening to full sized headphones such is the quality, with a real snap to the drums, no bloated bass here. Track 11 You + Me is a blissful piece of music that just sounds wonderful and the Django IEM's really does do justice to this beautiful piece, with a well-balanced performance.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

For the luxury end of IEM's these headphones represent great value for money and get you firmly into this boutique part of the market. The whole package is beautifully presented and you certainly get what you pay for in this instance with real substance to the performance and the build quality and engineering level is certainly above par. These are one of the finest IEM's that I have had the pleasure of listening to and Highly Recommend them to anyone who is looking at upgrading their current headphones to something in the luxury section which these certainly are. You also have the option of getting them customized which adds an extra level of refinement to an already polished product.

Price at time of review £899

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