21 September 2016
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Synthax Japan’s RME Premium Recordings music label releases MQA music
Synthax Japan’s RME Premium Recordings music label releases MQA music

RME artist endorses Master Quality Authentication

London, 21 September 2016: RME Premium Recordings, the specialist hi-res live recordings label owned by Synthax Japan, is the latest Japanese label to embrace MQA music. At a press event held in Tokyo earlier this month, it was officially announced that RME Premium Recordings has started to encode its catalogue in MQA, with initially three albums available to download on the e-onkyo music and HIGHRESAUDIO music stores.

At the event attendees listened to a comparison of the same Ky recording “Bint el Shalabiya” in WAV and MQA. Artist Maki Nakano (Ky saxophonist), who was in attendance, was asked for her opinion and instantly responded, “I definitely prefer MQA because it reproduces exactly the sound I felt in my head, through my ears and in my bones, at the time of recording the music.”
Reiji Asakura, respected audiovisual critic and writer, who was also among the attendees, exclaimed, “How wonderful, we have witnessed ‘authentication’ from the artist in real time!”

Synthax Japan’s Managing Director, Seiji Murai, explained the move to adopt MQA, “RME Premium Recordings is all about hi-resolution music, which is why we’ve decided to make recordings available in MQA. When listening to the MQA versions,we’ve noticed that the sound contours are crisper and there is a heightened sense of depth. We are confident music lovers will enjoy this high-quality listening experience.”

MQA Founder & CTO, Bob Stuart, added, “I’d like to thank Murai-san and Synthax Japan for their support of MQA. The sound on RME Premium Recordings is exquisitely clear and their musical choices are refined and imaginative. Our aim is to recreate the magic of the original performances and I’m particularly thrilled that one of their artists endorsed what MQA stands for, which is ‘master quality authentication’!”

The first MQA albums to be released are as follows: the debut album from Shintaro Mieda’s Orquesta de la Esperanza; String Quartet Hibiki’s Borodin & Smetana; and Contraponto Ensemble & Tetsuro Hanai “Vespro della Beata Vergine” by Claudio Monteverdi. Further titles, including Ky’s latest album “Désespoir Agréable” (out on 22 September) will be released shortly.

MQA music is now available from the following stores: e-onkyo music, HIGHRESAUDIO, onkyo music, 7digital and 2L, and MQA will continue to expand availability to more download stores and streaming platforms worldwide.

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