25 October 2016
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The Hi-Fi Show Live 2016
The world’s finest audio brands at the UK’s premier high-end hi-fi show

Spectacular sonic wonders lie in store at The Hi-Fi Show Live – the annual autumn show organised by Hi-Fi News & Record Review, the world’s oldest hi-fi magazine.

Absolute Sounds – the UK’s leading distributor of high-performance audio equipment – is set to host three spacious rooms, where extraordinary systems and spellbinding demonstrations await fans of fabulous audio finery.

Below is a selection of new products set to be exhibited and demonstrated in Absolute Sounds' three rooms, from some of the word’s most prestigious high-end audio brands. This is the only major UK hi-fi show at which these brands can be experienced; representatives are flying in from Europe and America to run demonstrations and answer questions.

The Hi-Fi Show Live takes place this weekend (29th-30th October) at the Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, West Berkshire.

Absolute Sounds is the sole UK distributor of all the above brands, and many more illustrious audio marques besides. The Absolute Sounds team will be joined at the show by the following brand representatives (interviews can be arranged):

    •    Raveen Bawa – dCS
    •    Jean-Marie Clauzel – Metronome Technologie
    •    Antoine Furbur – Audio Research
    •    Irving Gross – Constellation Audio
    •    Gabi van der Kleij – Crystal Cable
    •    Josefina Lichtenegger – EAT
    •    Peter Mackay – Magico
    •    Peter McGrath – Wilson Audio
    •    Bill McKiegan – Dan D’Agostino


Above is the new Dan D'Agostino Momentum 400 Monoblock Amplifier which will be playing and also the new Wilson Audio Yvette Speaker which has replaced the outgoing Sophia 3 speakers, I cannot wait to hear these !
This is just a tiny slice of what is going to be new at the HiFi Show Live so I would make sure you get your tickets booked.
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