07 December 2016
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Branko Glisovic is retiring after 25 years as managing director of the High End Society GmbH.
Branko Glisovic’s career began in 1967 when he started his apprenticeship as a techni- cal business manager. After various positions in retailing before becoming the co-owner of a hi- studio in Cologne, he switched to the audio industry, becoming sales manager of the “Pirol Audio Systeme” company (Rogers, Arcam, Chartwell, Sonus Faber, Sys- temdek, Richard Allen).

It was in this position that he became one of the founding members of the High End Interessengemeinschaft für hochwertige Musikwiedergabe e.V. in 1982 – today known as the HIGH END SOCIETY.

He was involved in the organisation of the HIGH END at the Hotel Kempinski near Frank- furt / Main and he became managing director of the High End Society e.V. in 1991. The High End Society GmbH (operative limited liability company of the society) was founded in 1996 and Mr. Glisovic has been the sole managing director from that point until today.

In his years as managing director, Branko Glisovic has been able to achieve much, to- gether with his proven and experienced team in Wuppertal.

Under his leadership, the HIGH END has become the world’s most successful trade fair for the audio branch. It has also organised numerous other events and exhibitions as well as founding a national trade fair in Switzerland.

By the end of 2016 these events will number:
    •    35 HIGH END trade fairs 

    •    8 HIGH END SWISS trade fairs 

    •    50 WORLD OF HIFI events in Germany and Switzerland 

    •    13 HIGH END ON TOUR roadshows

 During this time, he also produced numerous albums in a wide range of musical styles on the HIGH ENDITION label that are used by the trade and industry for demonstration purposes but are also valued by a great number of music lovers the world over.

In addition to this, he has promoted concerts and written essays and publications and initiated a youth project at the Junior University in Wuppertal in which the children stu- dying creating their own loudspeakers and thereby receive an early introduction to the world of quality music playback. 

His exceptional personal dedication has been acknowledged and highly respected for many years in national and international expert circles. His great ability to explain com- plex technical matters in an easily comprehensible manner has made him a popular in- terview gure for the media, as he embodies technical expertise in for a wide audience in the hi- sector. 

From 1 January 2017, Mr. Stefan Dreischärf will be taking on the duties of the managing director of the HIGH END SOCIETY SERVICE GMBH. 

Wuppertal, December 2016

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