28 December 2016
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2016 Year in review
This year has been great to The speaker Shack, I have had a total of 13 reviews from many high end audio brands. I have been to a quite a few press launches too over the last twelve months with reports from them. One thing that I regret is that I have not attended that many shows due to other commitments but 2017 is just around the corner and I hope that I can rectify this with the highlight coming in the guise of The High End Audio Society in Munich, which is in May 2017, marked down on my calendar.

Some of the my highlights from this year came from Wilson Audio when I was privileged to go to the press launch of the new Wilson Audio Alexx Speakers at KJ West One where I wrote an article on this event which can be found in the links below, also the quite incredible Martin Logan Neolith Speakers which were an experience to say the least, again a link can be found below.

The Wilson Audio Alexx Speakers UK Premiere at KJ West One

The Martin Logan Neolith UK Premiere at KJ West One

Of the many different types of equipment that I receive for reviewing their is some that are quite difficult to give back as you can imagine, the sonic excellence from these electronics and speakers is of the highest quality and also out of my price point but it is great to be able to listen to this equipment and share my reviews with all of you, which I hope you can appreciate.

Two of the most impressive and stand-out reviews came from the brilliant Dan D'Agostino Momentum Integrated Amplifier which produced some of the best sound I have ever heard from an Integrated amp, this was followed by the equally impressive Wilson Audio Duette II Speakers, which were pure reference stand-mounts. They produced some incredible sound in my room which I will not forget in a hurry.
I loved every minute that I had with these two stunning pieces of electronics and speakers.
They represent some of the best quality that you will find in the industry as they are made by two of most pioneering companies on the planet. D'Agostino has a long history in the amplifier world and was the founder of Krell which has made some of the most impressive amps ever, and now puts all that knowledge and years of experience into his unique blend of styling and high power amplifiers. They are some of the most exotic looking amplifiers with distinct styling and even better sound.

Wilson Audio with their Duette II speakers are a few years old now but still way ahead of their time in terms of sonic excellence. They worked so well in my room that I was even tempted to try and sell some of my body parts to try and keep hold of them, but alas they are out of my reach but a pleasure and privilege to review for you guys.

These are just a couple of my favorites that I managed to squeeze in this year but their has also been many others that I have loved and enjoyed in my room and managed to share with you. 

Then along came the McIntosh Laboratories MA8000 Integrated Amplifier which I was not expecting to blow me away as much as it did, the sheer musicality of this beast was just too much for me and I managed to buy this great amplifier as it is a reference product in every way. It is now the main hub of The Speaker Shack's review system. It manages to play loud but with a refinement and quality which is tube like sounding in many aspects but in a solid state amplifier which has all the grunt and power that you would ever want and need.

So it has been a good year for The Speaker Shack with many reviews and hopefully a lot more to feature in 2017. More videos for my Youtube channel and also show reports and my Social Media which is continually growing in size.

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I wish all my readers a Happy and peaceful New Year for 2017 and look forward to providing you with some more high end audio reviews, reports and press releases of the latest and greatest in the world of High End Audio.

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