16 March 2017
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Limited-edition Luxmans: CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE Preamplifier and Amplifier
Limited-edition Luxmans: retro-chic for hi-fi hipsters
Venerable Japanese high-end audio specialist Luxman celebrates its 10th decade of production with a special-edition valve preamp and power amp, each strictly limited to 100 pieces

CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE

Special-edition valve preamplifier and power amplifier ‒ production limited to just 100 pieces

Established in 1925, LUXMAN has more than half a century of experience in manufacturing high- end valve amplifiers. Each LUXMAN valve amplifier is considered a masterpiece in audio design and a number of classic models are still enjoyed today in systems all over the world.

The CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE pay tribute to these legendary amplifiers and combine LUXMAN’s classic design concepts with a deep appreciation for music reproduction.

The proprietary designs of the CL-38u SE and MQ-88u SE include a number of custom- made parts, including the transformers and block capacitors. In special commemoration of LUXMANs 90th anniversary, key components have been developed including a new oil capacitor, which contributes to the amplifiers’ exceptional level of musical expression.

While a pure and direct circuit configuration has been implemented into the vlve amplification circuits to ensure tonal purity, each individual component has been evaluated for sonic performance through repeated and extensive listening tests. During production, each CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE undergoes a 48-hour test and burn- in process before the final performance of each unit is confirmed exactly to specification, audio performance and finish.

Each valve used is highly durable, and with their exceptional abilities the new CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE are set to become legendary valve amplifiers in their own right.


The CL-38uSE encapsulates the classic design and features of the CL-35 control amplifier developed in 1970, updated and reconfigured in celebration of more than 90 years of audio manufacturing. LUXMAN’s R&D team have paid special attention to the tonal quality of this ‘Special Edition’, with upgraded ECC803 and ECC802 valves from Slovakia JJ Electronics for an unbeatably silky-smooth presentation.

    •    Shielded chassis housed in a wooden cabinet for a classic look and feel 

    •    SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) amplifier configuration operates in anti-phase, 
bringing extremely low output impedance    throughout all gain stages and 
achieving strong drivability to cope with the most awkward amplifier loads 

    •    Equipped with a multi-function tone control and phono equaliser 

    •    The CL-38u is equipped with four MC cartridge step-up transformers, LR 
independent / 2 stage gain independence and phono equaliser amplifier circuits, 
optimised for analogue record playback. 

    •    Three-stage treble / bass tone control, enhances dynamic control to the 
listener’s taste 

    •    In addition, it is also equipped with a convenient switch for mono playback and a 
low-cut switch to suppress unwanted low-frequency vibrations from warped 

    •    A simple aluminum remote control is supplied 


Input Sensitivity / Impedance
Output Voltage / Impedance Total Harmonic Distortion
LINE: 190mV / 50kΩ ,
PHONO (MM): 2mV / 47kΩ,
PHONO (MC-H): 0.3mV / 100Ω, PHONO (MC-L): 0.08mV / 30Ω
1V RMS / 300Ω, 19V (max.)
0.006% (1kHz), 0.06% (20Hz - 20kHz)
Frequency Response S/N Ratio
Tape Input / Output Lien Output
Tone Control
Low Cut
Dimensions (W x H x D) Net Weight
PHONO: 20Hz - 20kHz (+0, -0.5dB),
LINE: 10Hz - 70kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
LINE: 100dB, PHONO (MM): 70dB,
PHONO (MC-H): 68dB, PHONO (MC-L): 65dB LINE x 4, PHONO x 1
1 set
2 sets
Bass Turnover Frequency: 150Hz / 300Hz / 600Hz Treble Turnover Frequency: 1.5kHz / 3kHz / 6kHz 30Hz (-6dB/oct)
400 × 170× 307 (mm)


The MQ-88uSE is based upon the legendary and much sought-after MQ-60 stereo power amplifier. It utilises KT-88 valves from Slovakia JJ Electronics, configured in triode mode. Extensive research has delivered perfect circuit stability, integrating miniature JJ-made valves into the amplifier and oil condenser connections. This has resulted in an even smoother tonal quality, coupled to powerful scale and drive.

    •    Push-pull circuit with triode-connected, JJ-made KT88s for fabulous musical expression 

    •    Paralleled first stage and Mullard circuit in driver stage 

    •    OY-15 type output transformers, redeveloped and encased in cast aluminum 
housing, provide low-output impedance for optimal speaker interface 

    •    This unit is equipped with one each of fixed and variable inputs, the latter 
enabling direct connection with any source component without a preamplifier 

    •    Delivering 2x25W into 6 ohms with pure Class A operation, adopting Luxman’s 
long-renowned valve circuit design 

    •    High-quality valve compliment comprises 2x ECC803, 2x ECC802 and 4x KT88

Rated Power Output Input Sensitivity
Input Impedance
Total Harmonic Distortion S/N Ratio (IHF-A)
Output Dimensions(WxHxD) Net Weight
25W + 25W (6Ω), 20W + 20W (4Ω, 8Ω)
790mV / 25 W (6Ω)
0.15% (1kHz / 6Ω / 1W), 0.5% (20Hz ~ 20kHz / 6Ω / 1W) 105dB
1 x Direct, 1 x Variable
Large speaker terminal x 1 set

UK Price and Availability
The Luxman CL-38uSE and MQ-88uSE are available to order now, with RRPs of £4,000 and £4,500 respectively. Production of each model is strictly limited to 100 pieces.

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