22 March 2017
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Tivoli Audio Intros Model One Digital
Tivoli Audio Introduces the Model One Digital

Tivoli’s New Table-top Radio Updates a Brilliant Original for the Music Streaming Age...

Balancing style, technology and excellent audio performance, the Tivoli ‘Model One Digital’ table-top radio refreshes the classic user- friendly design of Tivoli’s original Model One with music streaming and fabulous multi-room capability.
Encased in a furniture grade wood cabinet in a choice of black, white and walnut colours, and finished with a high-quality Gabriel® fabric grill, the compact and elegant Tivoli Model One Digital radio offers high quality sound - even at high volume levels - from DAB and FM radio, Bluetooth® and easy Wi- Fi streaming controlled by a wireless app.

The Model One Digital’s high-resolution screen and innovative Multi- Operational Dial combine to make station tuning, track selection, and playback control simple, while the app allows the sharing of Spotify Connect, QQ, Deezer, Tidal and TuneIn playlists and selections, as well as local audio content on phones, tablets and NAS music libraries. Select Bluetooth to receive audio from a paired device, or the Aux input to use the Model One Digital as a standalone speaker for a wired audio source (or send audio to others via Bluetooth).

Multi-room functionality

The app’s multi-room control functionality brings a greater dimension to the design, creating a variety of Wi-Fi connected Hi-Fi system scenarios involving the Model One Digital and other ART by Tivoli Audio speakers. Whether it’s a single Model One Digital playing in the kitchen or paired in stereo with a Tivoli ART CUBE speaker in the dining room; stereo Tivoli ART ORB speakers playing in the bedroom, or your Spotify party playlist playing on Tivoli ART speaker systems throughout the home, the Model One Digital is the first step on the path to a stylish, flexible and discreet wireless multi-room music playback system, exclusive to every room and easy to control from phones and tablets.

The Model One Digital was designed and engineered by the company’s chief designer, Paul De Pasquale. De Pasquale says about the product:

“Tivoli Audio introduced the original Model One Radio in 2000 to fill a gap in the market for a high-quality and affordable AM/FM radio. Seventeen years later, we are introducing a product that will keep Tivoli Audio at the cutting edge of audio technology for years to come. The Model One Digital will carry Tivoli’s legacy of high quality and high design into the age of streaming content and home wireless audio.”

        !  DAB/DAB+/DMB tuner 

        !  FM tuner 

        !  Wi-Fi enabled 

        !  Spotify® Connect 

        !  Bluetooth® 

        !  3.5mm Auxiliary Input 

        !  Connect multiple units or ART speakers on a single network 

        !  Easily connect each speaker to your home Wi-Fi 
! Available in three real wood veneer cabinet finishes 
! Fabric speaker grill by Gabriel® 

        !  Stream DAB/DAB+/FM to additional speakers from the Model One Digital 

        !  Stream CD quality music from services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, QQ, and your own personal library via your standard home wireless network 

        !  Multi-group configuration, allowing simultaneous audio playback of multiple songs to various speakers if connected with additional ART collection products 
! Free Tivoli Audio Wireless App to control Model One Digital over your home Wi-Fi network and configure advanced wireless playback options. (Made for iOS and Android devices) 
! Controls
! Streamline navigation via aluminium 
multi-operational dial 
! Volume control knob 
! Party Mode button to quickly connect all powered speakers 
! DC power

Dimensions / Weight: 

! 11.5 cm x 22.2 cm x 14 cm / 1.55 kg
Specifications ART by Tivoli Audio speakers
! Wireless Network enabled
! Auxiliary input
! Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
! USB (service port)
! iOS or Android App for advance options
! Optional rechargeable battery (not included) ! DC input
Dimensions / Weight:
        !  CUBE - 11 cm x 11 cm x 11.7 cm / 1.4 kg 

        !  ORB - 23 cm Ø x 5 cm / 1.6 kg 

Tivoli Model One Digital DAB / DAB+ / FM / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth® Radio Typical retail price (inc.VAT): £279.00

ART by Tivoli Audio speakers:

Tivoli ART CUBE wireless network enabled active speaker (inc.VAT): £189.00 Tivoli ART ORB wireless network enabled active speaker (inc.VAT): £229.00

UK sales contact: Sound Design Distribution, 0800 0096213 or sales@sounddesigndistribution.co.uk
Available March 2017

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