22 March 2017
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New Shawcan Cable Poised To Upgrade Headphones At Headroom 2017

Consumers can try new ShawCan upgrade cables using their own headphones! (Find us: Studio B, Artist Side)

22nd March 2017, Wiltshire: The Chord Company will be demonstrating the benefits of its recently launched ShawCan headphone upgrade cables to the public at the headroom show, Metropolis Studios, London, 24th-25th March. ShawCan is the first ever headphone product in the UK cable specialist’s 32-year history and is unique in featuring the company’s proprietary Super ARAY conductor technology for an unrivalled sonic performance.

The new upgrade cables have been designed to deliver the true potential of today’s high-quality headphones by implementing a miniaturised version of The Chord Company’s unique Super ARAY mechanical tuning. Attendees can try the ShawCan upgrade cables with their own headphones (where interchangeable), or use Audeze LCD-3 headphones fed via Chord Electronics’ Hugo TT DAC/head amp. The demo provides the opportunity to compare Chord’s proprietary Super ARAY ShawCan cable with standard manufacturer-issued cable.

A variety of ShawCan cable terminations will be available to try for consumers bringing their own headphones: 6.3mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo; 6.3mm to Lemo (Focal Utopia); 6.3mm to Sennheiser HD800/HD800s); 6.3mm to MrSpeaker connector (Ether range and AEON Range); 6.3mm to 2-pin (for IEMs) and 6.3mm to 2x 3.5mm mono.

The Chord Company will also have a second system, demonstrating the benefits of high-quality USB cables and moving from basic stock cables to Chord’s C-USB, Shawline, Signature, new Sarum T (world debut at headroom) and the flagship ChordMusic.

About ShawCan

ShawCan features high-quality silver-plated conductors with PTFE insulation.  The shield is a composite design that doesn’t just shield but helps to minimise unwanted mechanical noise, an inherent problem with headphone cables.  The conductors are enclosed in a black outer jacket that is more than just a braid to tidy the conductors: the jacket is actually designed to further reduce mechanical noise.   

The Chord Company has been able to adapt its unique Super ARAY conductor geometry to work with a headphone cable.  The Super ARAY conductor design in ShawCan has allowed Chord to make a cable that carries a musical signal far more coherently than more conventional designs. The benefits of ShawCan aren’t just in terms of detail and dynamics: the really big step forward is the way that Tuned ARAY cables – ShawCan included – make music sound so involving, immersive and believable.
ShawCan is available in a range of terminations to suit most leading headphones:

Jack 3.5mm (Focal Elear; Oppo PM series; Sony MDR-Z1)
Jack mini XLR (Audeze LCD range)
Jack Sennheiser connector (HD800/HD800s)
Jack Lemo (Focal Utopia)
Jack MrSpeakers (Ether Range; AEON Range)
2-pin (for Sennheiser)
Pricing and availability
ShawCan is available now in 1.5m lengths as standard, custom lengths available to order.
3.5mm or ¼” Jack to 3.5mm (mono pair or stereo) £275
3.5mm or ¼” Jack to any other connector £350
Additional metre cost: £80

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