24 May 2017
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Music Fans Step Closer to the Original Performance.

New York / London, 24 May 2017 – Nugs.net, the official home of live music for some of the largest touring artists in the world, is adopting MQA’s award-winning technology, to bring fans exclusive live concert recordings in master quality sound.  Initially, concerts from GRAMMY Award-winning, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Metallica and Bruce Springsteen, are available to download in MQA.  Other iconic acts, including Pearl Jam, Phish and Red Hot Chili Peppers, to name just a few, will follow, and later this year, nugs.net subscribers will have the option to stream concert recordings in MQA.
MQA’s technology delivers master quality audio in a file that is small enough to stream or download, and adoption of the technology across music services, record labels and playback partners continues to gain momentum.  Nugs.net users can download the MQA file and it will play back on any device.
Nugs.net’s service offers different tiers of downloads – MP3, Lossless, DSD, and HD-Audio – as well as a physical CD format.  MQA appears as an additional option for HD-Audio downloads, alongside existing 24 bit FLAC and ALAC formats.
“Our pursuit of the highest fidelity in our listeners’ playback experience led us to MQA,” explained nugs.net founder and CEO Brad Serling.  “We were intrigued when we first read about MQA and were thrilled with the results when the MQA folks first encoded some of our live recordings.”
Mike Jbara, MQA CEO, said, “Nugs.net connects with true music fans like nobody else.  Live recordings amplify MQA's mission perfectly and we are very grateful for this exciting partnership.  Watch this space!”
Metallica recently kicked off the North American leg of their WorldWired tour in Baltimore, and will be continuing to tour across the US and Canada throughout the summer.  Each night’s performance will be released on LiveMetallica.com, the service nugs.net has run for Metallica since 2004.  Additionally, recordings of every night Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band performed on the River Tour from 2016 and 2017 are available now for download in MQA at Live.BruceSpringsteen.net, alongside several releases from Springsteen’s legendary archives.  This week Bruce released the 33-song epic tour finale from Helsinki in 2012, available now in MQA.

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