06 June 2017
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TechDAS Air Force Zero Engine Featuring A New Air Float Mechanism
TechDas has been engaged in the development of the Air Force Zero, one of the world's premier and ultimate analogue record players, superior to even the acclaimed TechDAS Air Force One premium reference turntable. Also, TechDAS has just completed a working sample of the highly anticipated "Engine" unit for the Zero, featuring the Air Float mechanism. This prototype was demonstrated at the Munich High-End Show 2017 in combination with the Air Force One turntable unit.

Major Features

-  3 phases 12 poles high torque outer rotor synchronous motor.
- The Air Float mechanism provides air bearing for the entire combination of the outer rotor and the one-piece pulley/fly wheel component.

This new Engine has achieved a peerless smooth motion with its high torque drive system, perfects insulation from environmental vibration and has a higher rigidity with its Air Float mechanism, together with an enormous inertia of energy, an element that already made it ideal as a motor.

An ultimate level of background blackness has been achieved with this vibration free motor, creating stunning energetic sound reproduction and an amazingly extensive dynamic range that you may have never heard before. All these have been enabled by the Engine, which has a massive driving force with its high torque motor, in combination of the enormous inertia of energy created. It will simply make you feel as if you were listening to live music, as realistic as it could possibly be.

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