27 June 2017
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27th June 2017, Santa Barbara, California, USA: For a strictly limited time (45 hours), Noble Audio, the world’s leading high-performance in-ear monitor specialist, is offering generous discounts across all universal-fit and custom-fit (IEMs) in the 2017 Wizard Birthday Sale.

California’s Noble Audio is celebrating the (45th) birthday of its co-founder, audiologist John Moulton, aka ‘The Wizard’, with a very special time-limited sale. Starting on Wednesday the 28th of June at 8.00 a.m. GMT (12.00 midnight Pacific Standard Time), the 2017 Wizard Birthday Sale introduces a 20% discount on all Noble Audio universal-fit IEMs and 15% off all custom-fit products* for 45 hours, only.

The promotion includes all models from Noble Audio’s five-strong universal-fit Classic line plus the two new flagships, the Katana and Kaiser Encore, which benefit from multiple drive units for the highest possible fidelity. Purchases of either of the two flagship IEMs will also qualify for a free Savant Legacy Edition IEM worth £549, while stocks last.

About Noble’s universal-fit models

Noble Audio’s universal-fit Classic line offers consumers the opportunity to experience the benefits of high-quality in-ear monitors at a range of price points to suit all budgets. All models share the same Noble form factor, with differing drive unit configurations and sonic presentations. Common features across the Classic line include precision construction, anodised aluminium end-caps and US manufacturing.

Two flagship models sit atop the Classic line, Katana and Kaiser Encore, offering the finest Noble engineering and sound quality. Katana benefits from nine custom-made balanced armature drive units for each ear and features a two-part US-made precision-machined aluminum chassis, that’s smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Kaiser 10U.

The Kaiser Encore is a ten-driver IEM built for high-performance audio and is a direct descendant of Noble’s original flagship, the Kaiser 10U, arguably the most acclaimed IEM there’s ever been. Kaiser Encore retains the musical essence and engaging presentation of its predecessor while introducing the sonic advantages of (10) proprietary drive units; Noble’s own balanced-armature drivers take performance to the next level.
About Noble’s custom-fit models

Noble Audio also offers custom-fit versions of most of its in-ear monitors, using variety of materials in place of the two-part chassis seen in the universal-fit models. For a supplement, each model from the Classic line (excluding Sage), plus the Katana and Kaiser Encore, can also be ordered as a custom-fit version with a huge range of personalisation options including colours, logos, face plate designs and more. All custom models are included in the Wizard Birthday Sale, but rush orders are excluded.

Pricing and availability

All models are available now from nobleaudio.co.uk (price shown below is pre-discount):

Classic line

Trident £349; Savanna £439; Sage £549; Dulce Bass     £599 and Django £899

Flagship models: Katana and Kaiser Encore: £1,699 (each)

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