23 August 2017
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McIntosh’s MCT80 SACD/CD Transport
McIntosh’s MCT80 SACD/CD transport introduces disc playback to its compact lifestyle components.

The new MCT80 introduces SACD/CD playback to McIntosh’s bijou MXA80 system and joins streaming, vinyl and headphone amp add-ons, to deliver the full McIntosh experience from a compact system

Binghamton, NY, USA – 17th August, 2017: McIntosh, the global leader in prestigious home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio for over 65 years, has launched the MCT80 CD/SACD transport which introduces high-performance disc playback to McIntosh’s compact lifestyle product range www.mcintoshlabs.com (£4,495)

An incredible 47 million CDs were sold in the UK alone in 2016, with a similar number of sales expected in 2017*. McIntosh’s new MCT80 CD/SACD transport offers highly accurate disc-reading from the billions of CDs around the world and expands the capability of the New York-based manufacturer’s bijou lifestyle system.

The MCT80’s introduction brings disc-based playback to McIntosh’s space-saving MXA80 integrated audio system (£7,500). It joins a number of other add-on modules, the MB50 streaming audio player, MP100 phono stage and MHA150 headphone amplifier, to provide a complete yet compact McIntosh solution for the office, bedroom, lounge or any secondary live/work space (modules sold separately).

For the utmost performance, the MCT80 reads the disc’s audio data at twice the normal rate, ensuring better disc-tracking and error-correction processing, plus a twin-laser optical pickup assures optimal disc reading. The module features a high-performance transport with a die-cast aluminum tray, plus an advanced digital servo for faster, quieter and more accurate disc-reading.

All common disc types can be played, including: SACD; CD; CD-R/RW (MP3 and WMA), plus user-generated DVD or CD data discs formatted with DSD (up to DSD128), WAV (up to 24-bit/192kHz), FLAC, MP3 and more.

The MCT80 has three digital outputs: coaxial and optical (both supporting high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz audio) plus McIntosh’s proprietary MCT connection** which offers a secure DSD connection for high-res SACD audio. For general CD playback, the MCT80 can be used with any DAC with a digital coax or optical input.

Designed to complement its compact McIntosh stablemates, power control and data ports integrate the MCT80 with other McIntosh system components. The MCT80 features classic McIntosh styling with a polished stainless steel chassis, black glass front panel, an illuminated logo and aluminum end-caps.

* Source: BPI (British Phonographic Industry).

**To take advantage of the MCT80’s unique MCT connection, it must be used with select McIntosh models that have an MCT input. These currently include the MXA80 and MHA150, the D1100, C52, C2600, C47 and D150 preamplifiers, plus the MA9000 and MA8900 integrated amplifiers.

Pricing and availability

Orders can be placed with authorized McIntosh dealers with shipping expected to begin in September (US) and October/November (UK) priced at £4,495.

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McIntosh Labs website

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