03 October 2017
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Eclipses ‘Invisible Speaker 3D Aaudio Experience Coming To New York AES Show
ECLIPSE’s accurate waveform reproduction technologies to demonstrate speaker ‘invisibility’ with 3D audio

3rd October 2017, London: ECLIPSE, the high-performance loudspeaker division within Fujitsu Ten, the multi-billion-dollar global technology giant, will be demonstrating the unique benefits of its accurate waveform reproduction technology with a 9.1-channel 3D audio demonstration that highlights the speakers’ extraordinary ‘invisibility’ within the soundstage, at this year’s Audio Engineering Society convention in New York (October 18th to 20th). http://www.ECLIPSE-td.com/uk/
With a trend towards 3D audio at this year’s show, ECLIPSE has created a strikingly visual 9.1-channel system that perfectly showcases the unique designs behind the products and enables visitors to listen ‘invisibly ’to the audio and not the loudspeaker.
ECLIPSE’s frame-mounted AES 2017 system comprises nine TD508MK3 speakers (£960 per pair) plus the Japanese specialist’s flagship subwoofer, the TD725SWMK2 (£5,100), which has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the passive loudspeakers.
ECLIPSE’s speaker range employs a number of proprietary technologies throughout its speaker range to enable a more accurate reproduction of waveforms.

About the TD508MK3 loudspeaker

The TD508MK3 features ECLIPSE’s newly developed 8cm fiberglass drive unit combined with a range of waveform reproduction technology. Its range of adjustment and flexibility, including settings for both ceiling and wall-mounting, makes the TD508MK3 ideal for hi-fi and home cinema environments, plus installations in contemporary homes and spaces, and commercial venues. The speaker is available with a purpose-designed stand or mounting bracket (CB1) for a supplement. Full details here.

About the TD725SWMK2 subwoofer

Like its TD520SW stablemate, the TD725SWMK2 uses dual drive units that are comparatively small in diameter but can be driven at high speed. The back-to-back units are connected with an aluminium shaft and driven in-phase, the generated reaction force forms a strong base in place of the ground anchor found in ECLIPSE loudspeakers. The drivers ‘float’ inside the cabinet and special materials are used to suppress vibration. An ICEpower
made high-output digital power amplifier is employed which enables a smaller internal circuit while keeping high linearity at maximum output.

Price and availability

TD508MK3 speaker (pair) £960; TD725SWMK2 subwoofer (£5,100), both are available now

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