17 October 2017
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Hi-Fi Show Live 2017
Hi-Fi Show Live 2017

The Worlds Finest Audio Brands at The Hi-Fi Show Live 2017

When: Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd of October 2017
Where: De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, West Berkshire SL4 2JJ

Spectacular sonic wonders lie in store at The Hi-Fi Show Live – the annual autumn show organised by Hi-Fi News & Record review, the world’s oldest hi-fi magazine.

Absolute Sounds – The UK’s leading distributor of high-performance audio equipment – is set to host three spacious rooms, where extraordinary systems and spellbinding demonstrations await fans of fabulous audio finery, see below for more information about what lies in store in each room.

This is the only major UK hi-fi show at which these brands and their latest products can be experienced together, with representatives flying in from Europe and America to conduct demonstrations and answer questions.

Windsor Lounge

Don’t miss the special opportunity to hear one of the finest CD playback systems money can buy: the extraordinary new Kalista DreamPlay CD transport and Kalista DAC by Metronome Technologie. Vinyl fans are also in for a treat as a turntable tour de force from TechDAS is teamed with the peerless SAT tonearm – two awesome feats of precision engineering guaranteed to extract every last drop of musical detail from a records grooves.

Amplification is provided by the high-end dream team at Constellation Audio, including the Pictor preamp and Taurus power amp from the newly launched Revelation series. These amps deliver extraordinary sonic clarity, so it’s just as well that they’re driving one of the crispest, cleanest, most revealing loudspeakers on the planet – Magico’s splendid new S3MKII, demonstrated in the UK for the first time.

Constellations Irv Gross and Magico’s Peter Mackay are set to fly in from the US to conduct timed demonstrations, alongside Metronome’s Jean-Marie Clauzel who’s travelling to the show from France.

Windsor 8

Whether you’re a lover of valve amps or you prefer solid-state designs, Absolute Sounds second room offers the best of both from two giants of the high-end audio scene, Valves are represented by Audio Research’s latest Reference components, including the magnificent Reference 10 preamp, while solid-state amplification of the highest calibre is supplied by Dan D’Agostino prodigious Progression series.

An incredible performance is guaranteed, especially as these amps are driving the latest masterpiece from Wilson Audio, which enjoys its UK debut at the show. The Alexia Series 2 is a stunning loudspeaker, sporting proprietary, materials and technology trickled down from the awesome Alexx and WAMM Master Chronosonic.

When it comes to the source, there’s no greater refinement of digital audio than that offered by British Brand dCS, whose Vivaldi One lay claim to being the finest single-box digital audio player in the world. This accompanies the American trinity of Audio Research, D’Agostino and Wilson in this room’s timed demonstrations, alongside other pioneering products from the dCS range.

Renowned recording engineer and Wilson Audio ambassador Peter McGrath returns to the UK to conduct proceedings, alongside other brand representatives including Raveen Bawa from dCS.

Windsor 7

Absolute Sounds third room is an open, non-ticketed space – a place to drop by and relax among the latest creations from some of the audio worlds most distinguished brands, including Audio Research, Copland, Crystal Cable, EAT, Krell, Martin Logan, PrimaLuna and Sonus faber. New Product highlights include EAT’s entry-level turntable, the B-sharp, and Copland’s forthcoming integrated valve amplifiers, the 406 and 408, shown here for the first time in the UK.

Rolling demonstrations include the latest hybrid electrostatic speakers from MartinLogans Masterpiece Series, with their spellbinding transient speed and gloriously open soundstage. This room also offers an opportunity to see and hear Sonus faber’s gorgeous Homage Tradition loudspeaker collection – the perfect fusion of traditional Italian craftsmanship and modern loudspeaker design. Naturally, Absolute Sounds crack squad of high-end audio experts will be on hand to answer questions and provide advice.

Hi-Fi Show Live tickets available to purchase here.

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