18 June 2018
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GoldenEar Technology offers X-FACTOR BASS with SuperSubs X & XXL
News: GoldenEar Technology offers X-FACTOR BASS

Karma-AV intros GoldenEar’s compact 4-driver SuperSubs to the UK, designed to generate room-shaking bass from a tiny footprint…

Named for their room-filling bass output, the new SuperSub X and XXL subwoofers are surprisingly easy to accommodate. By exploiting a patented dual-plane ‘inertially-balanced’ driver and sub-bass radiator topology, driven by powerful Class D amplification, GoldenEar’s bijou bass engines will generate fast and fulsome low frequencies from beautifully unobtrusive gloss black cabinets.

Within each, two active drivers separated horizontally are configured with two passive radiators separated vertically in a balanced configuration designed to deliver a more even response in-room. At under 14” cubed, the ultra-compact SuperSub X uses a 1400 watt Class D amplifier to power twin 8˝ ultra-long-throw active drivers, supported by two 10.5˝x 9.5˝ planar infrasonic radiators. At under 20” cubed, the compact SuperSub XXL system deploys a 1600 watt Class D amplifier to drive twin 12˝ ultra-long-throw active transducers supported by two vertically-opposed 15˝ x 13˝ planar infrasonic radiators.

Based on technology originally developed for the GoldenEar Triton One tower, the SuperSubs' electronics packages feature discrete multi-band limiting and phase-perfect equalisation with a strong focus on keeping latency to an absolute minimum. Inputs include a direct-coupled, unfiltered LFE input for home theatre and stereo inputs with low-pass for two-channel setups.

Each SuperSub is available in a gloss black finish.

GoldenEar X and XXL SuperSubs

Availability: June 2018

Typical retail prices inc VAT:

SuperSub X - £1450.00

SuperSub XXL - £2300.00

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