08 September 2018
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iFi audio is consolidating its position at the vanguard of the audio world with the launch of its multi- facete and much-awaited Pro iDSD.

Yes, it’s taken a while to come to market but, boy, has it been worth the wait. This DAC-cum-music streaming device is truly groundbreaking – there is simply nothing like it.

iFi audio has combined classic design techniques used to achieve ultra-low-noise in tube equipment with cutting-edge, 21st century technology to deliver a stunningly superior performance. Every section of the Pro iDSD has received huge attention to detail and its innovative digital engine will now be used across the next generation of iFi products.


The Pro iDSD looks set to rock the digital audio world. Take a look at its stunning features and you will see what we mean:

    • The Pro iDSD uses a Quad ‘stack’ of Burr-Brown Bit-Perfect DSD and DXD DACs in a custom ‘interleaved’ configuration, which enables a total of eight pairs of differential signals to be used and mixed – that’s four pairs of signals per channel.

    •    All signals to the DACs are re-clocked with the low-jitter Global Master Timing® master clock derived from parent company AMR’s revered DP-777 DAC 

    •    Digital processing is handled by an XMOS XU216 X-Core 200 Series 16-Core processor with a maximum of 2,000 MIPS (two  billion instructions per second) calculation power in dual- issue mode as a USB interface 

    •    All digital processing is Bit-Perfect, without employing ASRC or up-sampling unless digital filters are explicitly selected 

    •    All inputs (including USB) are galvanically isolated and the USB input is self-powered. 

   •    With LINKPLAYTM Wi-Fi/network playback, built-in Spotify and Tidal, and wide protocol support for 32-Bit/192kHz and DSD64, the Pro iDSD can directly link to a router for online 
music playback.


If the Multibit DAC is one half of the ‘heart’ of the Pro iDSD’s digital engine, then the other half is surely the Crysopeia FPGA (field-programmable gate array). It handles the up-sampling duties to attain the DSD1024 audio format. In fact, the Pro iDSD can handle all audio formats to DSD1024 or DSD512 or PCM 768K with user-selectable digital filters.

Understated on the exterior but super advanced, the Pro iDSD shines at home on wireless/wired as much as it does in the recording studio.

The retail price of the Pro iDSD is US$2,499 (ex-tax) or €2,749/£2,499 (incl VAT). 

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