29 July 2015
- Event Reports
Modern British Audio Company
Darren Hollands is the Managing Director of MBACo and Chris Wells being the Technical man behind all the engineering and also Beth Marshall who looks after all the Media and Social Marketing aspect of MBACo, it is a small company creating and innovating new and modern high tech Speakers and amplifiers with today's latest technologies available to them, what I like and love about this company is their passion in what they are doing as it clearly comes through when I was talking to Darren about his company and where he wanted to go with it, he has lots of fresh new ideas which are being worked on and many prototypes in the making but they already have a whole range of Speakers to suite all areas of the market, from the Pulse stand-mount & Progression Floor-stander which are there 2 high end speakers to their OAK AUDIO Range which suits all budgets, they already have a nice selection to get them started on the road to success and the proof is in the listening and that was the purpose of my visit so I intended to make good use of my time in their dedicated demo room.In the demo room they also had there Integrated Amplifier 'The Status' which has some impressive specs and looks impressive too with a very bold look and solid design and huge heat sinks that goes down both sides of the amplifier, on the front you have the display, volume knob and buttons for navigation and 2 headphone jacks which can be hooked up to its dedicated Class A Headphone Amplifier, Darren was telling me that this was also something else that will probably be coming available soon, that is a separate dedicated Headphone Amplifier which is taken from The Status Amplifier, so something else to look forward to.

MBACo Speakers MBACo The Status Amplifier
When we first started off listening I was caught off guard a little as I really thought that I was listening to the floor-standers as the bass and depth of the speakers was quite exceptional, it was only when Darren pointed out that it was The Pulse stand-mount playing that I realized they were creating this amazing sound which really did show off how good these speakers really were, I was amazed at how accurate sounding they were and detailed too, we listened to a variety of music and they seemed to play everything well, nothing seemed to phase them.The amplifier that MBACo designed also had a lot to do with the sound which was dynamic and punchy, The Status Amplifier has lots of power behind it, it has 2 x 170 watt Monoblock amplifiers coupled to an extremely high quality analogue control pre-amp stage, this gives it all the authority and grip on the speakers and this is all built into an Integrated unit.It also has a Digital PCB built around an ESS Sabre Reference DAC with a fully balanced analogue stage and onboard asynchronous USB Module which can handle sample rates up to 384Khz and DSD64/DSD128 so it is bang up to date with all the latest features that an amplifier could possibly have.And for people who enjoy there headphone listening sessions it has a dedicated Class A Headphone Amplifier built into it too, I will give a full spec sheet at the end of this report on the amplifier as it very impressive indeed.Next up was The Progression floor-standers which have the same sonic signature as the Pulse speakers or vice versa, but with even more depth and increased bass response which will suite larger rooms but they sounded controlled and articulated with the same accuracy and detail retrieval as its smaller sibling The Pulse speakers, I was very impressed with both speakers performances and there really is not much I could fault them on.We switched from streaming music to the Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and Darren streamed compressed music from his iPhone to The Status Amplifier and with a direct link to the ESS Sabre Reference DAC the sound was very good indeed, probably the best I have heard Bluetooth sound, as I have heard a few and never been overly impressed by the sound but this was detailed and had a great open soundto it rather than a dull compressed sound that a lot other amps suffer from.In all I was totally impressed by everything that MBACo showed me, they really did have the products that sounded great and certainly had the knowledge too, it was a great afternoon spent with a business that were so welcoming to the Audio industry.I will show some of there range now and that also includes their OAK AUDIO Range which comes in some brilliant colors..

OAK SpeakersOAK SpeakersOAK SpeakersOAK SpeakersOAK SpeakersSTATUS Amplifier STATUS AmplifierSTATUS Amplifier

And now for some pictures of there stunning Pulse Speakers and Progession Speakers...


Here is some more details on the The Status Integrated Amplifier which is a sonic Beast...Sonic Concept's integrated amplifier combines separate mono-bloc power amplifiers and a high performance analogue control pre-amp to provide the performance of separates with the convenience of a single enclosure.An integrated Bluetooth 4.0 receiver and DAC allows high quality streaming of music from iOS, Android and Windows devices using A2DP and AVRCP 1.4 protocols. The DAC's differential analogue outputs are coupled directly to a dedicated differential pre-amp input to maintain signal integrity, reject noise and minimize distortion.The pre-amplifier features differential circuitry throughout to minimize noise and distortion. In addition to the Bluetooth differential input, a dedicated XLR differential input and three single ended inputs are provided. The differential circuit topology allows each single ended input to operate with single point grounding, reducing noise and isolation between inputs.The pre-amplifier has dedicated digital and analogue power supplies. The digital supply uses an advanced switch mode design to offer very low standby dissipation. The digital supply is then regulated using linear regulators to provide clean supplies for the pre-amp control and DAC digital sections. For the analogue sections, a two stage regulation approach is used employing state of the art ultra-low noise regulators.Each power amplifier is effectively a separate mono-bloc, with its own dedicated power supply providing high current capacity for the power stages and a separately regulated higher voltage supply to the power amplifier's input and driver stages. A total of 80,000uF storage capacitors is used in the amplifier to provide a high instantaneous current capacity and low noise.The power amplifiers use field effect transistors in critical circuit positions, including the output stages, to deliver linear and high bandwidth amplification. A nested feedback topology provides a local feedback path around the power and driver stages. The outer feedback loop uses a differential approach to convert the pre-amp differential output to the single ended loudspeaker drive with the differential feedback referenced to the loudspeaker drive signals. This approach isolates the signal path from ground and minimizes distortion.A great day at MBACo HQ and if you want to read more about there exciting products then please visit there website which is  MBAC0.
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