20 October 2017
- Event Reports
Chord Electronics Poly Portable Streamer Launched At The Goring Hotel London
I was invited by Chord Electronics to attend the Press Launch of their new portable streamer Poly, which is an add-on to their world-renowned Mojo DAC. It turns the DAC into a highly advanced portable streaming device which is incredibly high tech and supports all the major streaming applications ie Spotify, Tidal, Roon and DLNA so that you may stream your music from any NAS server that is connected to the network that you are on. Also built into it is a mini SD slot so that you may load your music directly from a memory card of any size into the Poly.

The location for this press launch was the very prestigious Goring Hotel in the heart of the West End London. Hosting the event was Dan George, Chord Electronics PR guy and also in attendance and presenting the Poly was John Franks, the owner of Chord Electronics. The event was one of the best that I have attended and there was plenty of champagne flowing and also food.

The Poly could well change the way we listen to music from our smartphones, as it takes what is already quite a good sound and boosts the quality to a serious level of excellence which until now has not really been possible unless you have a rather tasty separate high-end DAP to do the music playback. This means another device added to the wish list of any budding audiophile. People who already own the Mojo know how good it is and when adding the Poly it increases the power of what you want to listen to from your smartphone or iPad. It can also be integrated into your home system, it is that flexible and powerful.

At the launch, John Franks gave a presentation on how the Poly was developed and produced, it is one powerful and clever bit of kit to own. It incorporates technology that is usually found in military hardware, using a 10 layer PCB with some clever engineering and tech know how that Chord Electronics is known for. For the official press release please click on the link HERE

There were in attendance all the major Hi-Fi online and magazine press with whom I managed to speak to and discuss Hi-Fi in general and what an amazing the product the new Poly is for Chord. I currently have a Chord Mojo & Poly which I will have a full review on once I have listened to it properly.

Here are some pictures from this amazing event...


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