22 October 2015
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The HiFi Show Live 2015 Report
I managed to also meet some awesome people from the industry and introduce myself which was great as it was the first time that this has happened for me and to also get to know some of the genuinely nice people who make and bring all this fabulous kit to us HiFi Lovers.

The enthusiasm was so great to be with as it just made the show all that more enjoyable as it is passion for me and for the people who make it also.That passion could not be more forthcoming than from the team at Absolute Sounds who are dedicated in bringing the ultimate in High End HiFi to the show, it was simply sublime as the Magico S7 Demo and Wilson Audio Sabrina Demo's proved to be some of the most popular with queues of people constantly coming to see and hear theses fabulous systems in action. They were put together so well that the synergy with each component was simply sublime and it was a joy to watch the guys in action and listen to the demo's which I spent many hours in.

So what best place to start than with the Absolute Sounds team and that is with the Magico S7 Demo which was simply stunning in every way. When you walked into the room you was met with a room full of high end equipment and these gorgeous new
Magico S7 SpeakersSpeakers from Magico which are the stunning new S7 Speakers they stand so tall and are made up of aluminum body which houses five drive units, one tweeter, one midrange and three bass units, they have a finish which is immaculate in every way and are probably some of the best looking speakers around, even the drive units look sexy. These were complimented by Constellation Audio Amplification which were the Centaur II Amplifiers and the HUGE Hercules II Amplifier which has to be the biggest Amplifier I have ever seen, they were amazing, Irv Gross from Constellation Audio was there to give us some background information about these beautiful sounding amplifiers and also the new Virgo III Preamplifier which was also being used for the show.

For the digital front end was the mesmerizing Kalista Transport and DAC from Metronome Technologies which is a stunning piece, and for the analogue part was the Tech Das Air Force 2 Turntable which need I say no more, it speaks for itself in the high end community. All of this electronics was tied together with the gorgeous Transparent Cables which visually look stunning too. The sound that this combination made was simply stunning, there was so much resolve and clarity to this system sound that it was astonishing, it picked out every nuance and detail possible that it was a joy and pleasure to be in its company. You do not get these kind of chances often and when you do you really have to make the most of them as it is all down to the listening which is what it is all about, and Ricardo Franassovici the owner of Absolute Sounds has so much passion when it comes to building up these systems that it shows in the final finished article, as he plays his huge library of music for us HiFi lovers.

Here are some picture of this fabulous system.

Magico S7 SpeakersMagico S7 SpeakersNext up was something that I am very familiar with but they still blow me away each time listen to them and that is the Wilson Audio Sabrina Speakers which were being demonstrated on the Dan D'Agostino Integrated Amplifier in the morning sessions and in the afternoon sessions with the brand new Audio Research Reference Six Preamplifier which had its debuting at the HiFi Show Live 2015 event so it was a very special demo indeed as it was the first time that the British HiFi industry got to hear this beautiful Preamplifier from Audio Research.

 It was being powered by ARC 250 Stereo Power Amplifier and for the digital front end was the ARC Reference CD 9 Player.Demonstrating the Wilson Sabrina's we had a very special guest indeed and that was Peter Mc Grath from Wilson Audio who is the Director of Sales for them and had flew in specially for the show. With his wealth of knowledge on the brand and especially the Speakers he took us through some stunning demo's which I have to say that the Wilson Audio Speakers really do put a lot of other higher end and higher priced speakers into the background as they stand head and shoulders above many that I have heard and seen for their fairly small asking price. They sounded sublime that is all I need to say as I have already reviewed these speakers but they sounded even better on the end of these exceptional electronics.

Here are some pictures of the systems for you to look at.
Wilson Audio Sabrina SpeakersWilson Audio Sabrina SpeakersWilson Audio Sabrina SpeakersDan D'Agostino Integrated AmplifierAudio Research Reference 6Audio Research Reference CD 9
Another stunning system was from the guys at RENAISSANCE Audio who set up a SimAudio Moon electronics system driving a pair of the stunning KEF Muon Speakers which are standing pieces of ART as well as functioning speakers and very good ones at that, the KEF Muon's have just had a revision with some new drivers developed in part from the KEF Blade 2 Speakers so they now sound even better, this system was very well balanced and gave a good sound overall and also pulled in big crowds.KEF Muon SpeakersSimAudio Moon electronicsAnother room that caught my attention was the dCS / VTL and Avalon Acoustics Speakers room which featured the new dCS Rossini DAC Player, which is an evolution of the dCS Vivaldi Stack of electronics and a beautiful piece of kit it is too. The Speakers were the Avalon Transcendence Speakers which looked stunning and were powered by VTL Amplifiers and Preamplifier, the sound was gorgeous and had terrific attack on the tracks that I heard and I even managed to get some video of the room which will be on Youtube when I get the chance to publish it, here are some pictures of the room.

Avalon Speakers Avalon SpeakersdCS Rossini DACVTL electronics
A system that I had been really wanting to hear was the TAD Demo and I managed to get a listen to the demonstration being held in their room and it was very good indeed, they had all TAD electronics and for speakers they had the CR1 and CE1 Speakers both look stunning in the flesh as I have seen and posted many pictures of these speakers on The Speaker Shack Facebook page, but up close and personal they really do look classy. The sound being demonstrated also showed what these speakers were capable of and that is truly a high end sound and the High Resolution Audio demo was very good indeed showing how good a 24bit 192Khz recording can actually sound.

Here are some pictures of this great looking system.

TAD CR1 SpeakerTAD CE1 SpeakerTAD SpeakersTAD Electronics
There was just so much to be seen and heard at this show that it was the best time I have had at any high end show and I was thoroughly enjoying myself listening to all of the beautiful equipment on show, it was also great to see new names like Criterion Audio at the Show who were there and demonstrating Headphone Amplifiers and Headphones but they do indeed sell a wide range of equipment including the gorgeous YG Acoustics Speakers for which they are the distributor, unfortunately they did not have any on demo, maybe next year.I found myself completely shattered after the two days of listening to HiFi and taking pictures which I have so many of and will post on my website gallery and also on my Facebook page over the coming days, I will have to sort them through because there is so many and I also want to include them all as all the companies at the show had lovely demo rooms with something different in every section of the massive grounds of the Beaumont Estate's in Windsor, which is a great venue and one that I hope they continue to use as it is ideal for the purpose of the show.

I would like to extend my gratitude to HiFiNews who were so accommodating over the 2 days that I was there and were so keen to help me out which I am so grateful for, it was a well put together show which pulled the industry together and showed what can be achieved at some of the highest levels of HiFi. And if you are lucky enough to be able to afford systems that were being shown then you are indeed in HiFi Heaven.

I will most certainly be back next year and look out for my picture updates on Facebook and also some of the video from the show which will be published soon on my Youtube channel, but that is all for now folks.Here is the full Magico S7 Speaker Demo with Constellation Audio electronics, that I filmed from my Youtube channel...

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