16 January 2016
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The new Sonus faber IL Cremonese Speakers at Guildford Audio Ltd Report.
Sonus faber iL Cremonese SpeakersI brought a long a mixture of music so that I could spend as much time listening to music I was familiar with from the reviews that I do. Connected up to the Sonus faber IL Cremonese Speakers was the talented Integrated Amplifier from Audio Research, the new GSi75 which is a stunning piece of hardware,andan all in one solution from one of the best high end audio electronic brands in the business. Also connected was the beautiful Reference CD9 CD Player which I have listened to before on many occasions and it is one of the very finest CD Players available.

One thing that surprised me was the price of these speakers which is approx 29,000. Now yes that is a lot of money but when you see these speakers in the flesh you are getting a hell of a lot of speakers for your money when you consider prices of other speakers that offer this kind of performance and build quality.The vocal supremacy of the speakers really shone through as I played McKinley Black's album Beggars, Fools and Thieves which is one album that I really like, and listening to it through the IL Cremonese was a delight, the speakers err slightly on the warmer side of neutral but never too much to say it is a distraction. They are just more forgiving than other speakers than say the more critical Wilson Audio speakers which are not as forgiving on lesser Sonus faber iL Cremonese Speakersrecordings.Sonus faber have got a very good balance with these speakers and more or less every type of music that I played through them sounded great, I even played some Daft Punk, Alive (2007) track Robot Rock which is some heavy electronic music and it handled it so well, in fact they were rocking and the two side bass drivers were kicking some serious bass out to this tune.

Playing some of Lyn Stanley's album Interludes through them gave her voice immense presence and a feeling of being their, as the band played behind with instrument separation exceptional. These are speakers that melt away and leave you with a sound stage that is nice and deep, with good width too.I have to admit that every time I see a Sonus faber speaker, It is like looking at fine Art as they are a thing of beauty to look at. The wood finish is simply stunning with a deep red gloss finish, and the angular shape. They are beautiful creations and deserve the attention as someone an artist has spent some considerable time making these speakers.

The Audio Research GSi75 Integrated Amplifier is something that I asked for as I am interested in this particular amplifier and Sonus faber iL Cremonese Speakerswanted to hear it playing, and it powered the IL Cremonese perfectly with plenty of power in reserve and never felt wanting just effortless power.The icing on the cake was when Trevor changed out the old Transparent Ultra Cables to the Generation 5 Ultra cables, the difference was quite staggering as the sound stage opened up considerably and their was a greater clarity to the music being played. Transparent Cables really are incredible cables and you need to experience these latest cables in action as they really are just so good with the right equipment.

The design and build of the IL Cremonese Speakers is something quite special as their is a total of six drivers in each cabinet, 1 x tweeter, 1 x mid-range, 2 x woofers and 2 x InfraWoofers which are on the side of each of the speakers, the two Infrawoofers are 8" drivers and helps them achieve an incredible 25hz which is deep and with room gain that will probably be even lower so sub 20Hz figures. So that makes these speakers truly full range and indeed they sounded quite capable of deep bass.

The bass that was on offer also had a beautiful tone as it shifted a long with the music with great timing, the shifts in tone had a lovely texture to the bass notes which were silky smooth, clearly the design has great affect and it shows or should I say it sounds, divine!!

 These were my highlight of the trip to Guildford Audio and the main reason that I visited them but they have a lot more on offer and more to show if you so wish, with plenty of nice toys of the high end audio kind to play with. Here are some nice photo's of some of the other delights on offer.Dan D'Agostino Momentum Preamplifier Dan D'Agostino Momentum PreamplifierDan D'Agostino Momentum Monoblock Amplifier Sony RTR Tape Deck Wilson Audio Alexia SpeakersSME Turntable Audio Research GSi75 Integrated AmplifierAudio Research Reference CD9 Player Audio Research electronics

It really was a great day just spending time in luxurious surroundings listening to such beautiful equipment like this, which is of the highest caliber in high end audio and Guildford Audio is one of the premier places to hear these speakers, well at the moment they are the only place to hear these speakers at so I was very great full for the invitation and the welcome that I received from them. I do hope that more of you who are seriously interested in high end audio equipment look at Guildford Audio as these guys are some of the best. If you want some of the best service then that is what you get from this company who have a long history within this industry.

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