10 April 2016
- Event Reports
The Guildford Audio Show 2016
Room One
This was an incredible room with the new Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A Speakers which were being driven by the hugely powerful Constellation Audio InspirationII Monoblock Amplifiers and Inspiration Preamplifier. Connecting all of this beautiful kit together was Transparent Cables and their latest Generation 5 technology which are just amazing cables and their best yet. The digital front end was the Metronome Technologie Kalista CD Player and for analogue duties was the Tech Das Air Force III Turntable with its multiple tone arms.

The technology in the ESL 15A Speakers is the trickle down tech from the mighty Martin Logan Neolith Speakers which has brought the amazing new ESL panels to the Renaissance Speakers. These panels are just incredible to listen to with a transparency which has to be heard to be believed they really are that good. Sound is projected from these new panels in a way which make them simply disappear and leave the imaging and sound floating in front of you with so much space around them that the layers of sound are so complex and yet so revealing for the music that is being played. Yet, while all this is going on you have 2 x 12" sub Martin Logan ESL 15A Speakerswoofer drivers generating the bass for each of the speakers and you simply cannot tell where they crossover they are so seamless in the way they interact with each other, or lack of. This is down to the clever room tuning capabilities that the Martin Logan speakers employs in the form of Anthem Room Correction (ARC) which tunes the speakers to the room and in this case the ESL 15A's were calibrated before the show so that they were performing to their optimal performance. The bass that they produced was simply divine, full of attack and had so much composure to them that they start and stopped so quickly that it was riveting stuff listening to big Orchestral mixes, and it gave stringed instruments an almost tactile feel. Ricardo Franassovici the owner of Absolute Sounds and Co-host of the event put on a CD which was of a recording from the 1960's and the Renaissance speakers and system made it sound like it was a recording from today's standards it was so crystal clear and full of energy and life, I cannot remember the name of the CD but it sounded stunning through the Martin Logans and I was amazed at the clarity and detail that the music had. This was my favourite room from the show for sure and it left me and everyone who I spoke to at the show amazed at what can be achieved with such a great system like this.

Franco Serblin SpeakersRoom 2
The Franco Serblin Ktema and Accordo Speakers were in room two with Audio Research electronics. This was a very busy room with many people coming and going for demo's and the Ktema speakers sounded very even handed with nearly all types of music that were being played on this system. The Accordo speakers were also a delight to hear and are beautifully finished speakers which give a wonderful sound. The Audio Research GS150 Stereo Amplifier was driving both sets of speakers and it has more than enough power to drive them to crazy levels but also with finesse.

Franco Serblin SpeakersRoom 3
This was another great room with one of my favorite speakers in, and they are the Wilson Audio Sabrina's which I have reviewed here at The Speaker Shack, back in August 2015 where I gave them a very high recommendation and it was hard to see them leave such was their performance. What the Sabrina's can do is convince you that you are listening to a much larger speaker as their size really is quite small considering the performance that they give and in Room 3 this was again the same, they sounded absolutely stunning. Connected to Wadia Monoblock Amplifiers and electronics with a Metronome Technologie CD Player and also playing at different points in the day was a Revox RTR Tape deck which sounded so silky smooth with some excellent bass and imaging, the Sabrina's impressed all that visited the room.

Room 4

The last and final room was a real show stopper too as it had the new Sonus faber IL Cremonese Speakers playing but also a combination of Wilson Audio Sasha 2 and Alexia Speakers at visitor requests which was great as it gave the room a sense of something different each time and also with the electronics, as their was a mixture of Audio Wilson Audio Sabrina SpeakersResearch and D'Agostino being rotated when requested. Vinyl was being taken care of by the brilliant Tech Das Air Force II Turntable which really is a stunning deck. The host which was Guildford Audio's Trevor Martin did a superb job of holding the event and creating such a wonderful and intimate time with visitors which he spent so much time with playing their different music that they had brought a long to the show, and going above and beyond spending many hours setting up the different systems. I take my hat off to the man who really is dedicated to his job, well it is not like a job but a passion like a true audiophile who loves music, he loves what he does and it shows in the events that he holds each year and this one was just great. The room sounded awesome and him and Gavin did a Sonus faber IL Cremonese Speakerstremendous job of setting all their rooms up.The show was really impressive for me personally and I was there for the two days so got to hear a lot of music and meet a lot of great people into this hobby called HiFi, and it was a pleasure to report on it form Facebook followers, and Instagram and also for my website so I hope you enjoy my ramblings and short videos and pictures.I have put together a short video for you all to watch which will give you a glimpse of the beautiful electronics and speakers at the show but I must admit the rooms are in reverse in this video, so forgive me for this slight error in that room 4, should really mean room 1 !!

Sonus faber IL Cremonese Speakers

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