16 April 2016
- Event Reports
The Martin Logan Neolith UK Premiere at KJ West One
Here is a short video about the history of how the Martin Logan Neolith came about which is from Martin Logan themselves, it tells the story well and is a good introduction.

Main Event
I hope that you got a feeling of what the Martin Logan Neolith is about from the video and how passionate the creators were when they made this speaker as it is quite a statement in speaker design. It is one of the most gorgeous looking creations I have seen and for an ESL type of speaker there is so much that has gone into this design that really does make it one of the best speakers in the world at the moment. The radiating area of the panel is 6,814cmSquare which is huge and the panels look so impressive with their new rigid design. At the base of each speaker is 2 x one 12" bass driver and one x 15" bass driver, the 12" is a sealed unit crossing over at around 300hz with the ESL panels which seams seamless in operation and the 15" bass driver is ported down to 23hz which is an incredible combination for bass response.

Pedro from Absolute Sounds gave us the complete specifications and rundown of the Neolith speakers. He is the Technical man behind Absolute Sounds and knows everything about speakers there is and set these wonderful speakers up and system, so he knows his job well.
Martin Logan Neolith Speakers As you can see from the pictures above the system looks stunning with a combination of Constellation Audio electronics and Metronome Technologies Calypso CD for the digital front end and for analogue there was the fabulous Tech Das Air Force III Turntable. All of this was connected with the gorgeous Transparent Magnum Opus Generation 5 Cables which is the best you can get and sounds simply sublime. Ricardo Franassovici the owner of Absolute Sounds and also Co-host of the event was demonstrating the system with a variety of music, he started with some Classical which sounded simply divine. I love classical music and can listen to it for hours as it has such a soothing effect on me that I love to hear it played on a system like this which is capable of recreating a live event. Which is what it sounded like on both Vinyl and on CD.But it was about to get very interesting when Ricardo put on a new CD by Boris Blank called Electrified and all hell broke loose, well let's just say it was the most fun you could of had for the 10 minutes or so that it was playing, the Martin Logan Neolith Speakers really did do their thing and get down and boogie.

The room was simply buzzing with sound but in a good way with the music all around you going from left to right and the bass was so tight and deep that you could feel it massaging your body as it just pressurized the room with ease. It was an amazing sensation and I just had to know who it was playing as I wanted the CD so badly to see what it will play like on my system, although I know it will be nothing like it wason the Neoliths.

Now I can safely say that these have been the most impressive speakers I have heard to date and at recreating a live performance in front of you which is what Absolute Sound's aim to give you when bringing such beautiful creations into this country. They only import the finest equipment in the world and Ricardo is very particular in what he does import and this demonstration was one of the finest. If you have not been to one of them and ever get the chance to go I strongly suggest you take the opportunity and go because it is worth it. Especially if you are looking to buy some of the best equipment I could not think of a better place as they have it all in one place and all the necessary demo rooms too. KJ West One is one of the finest HiFi shops in London.I have put together a short video of the event and I hope you enjoy it !!

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