21 May 2016
- Event Reports
The Wilson Audio Alexx Speakers UK Premiere at KJ West One
The Wilson Audio Alexx Speakers are the latest creations from the son of Dave Wilson, Daryl Wilson has certainly inherited his dads talents when it comes to speaker design and creations as his previous work can be found in the Sabrina which is a stunning speaker and one which I reviewed here at The Speaker Shack back in 2015 and it has been winning accolades all around the world for its fabulous performance. It is one of if the not the best small speaker I have heard to date as it sounds much larger than it actually is and creates a huge soundstage from its tiny stature.

When they announced the Alexx and that Daryl had been the main input into designing them I knew that they were going to be something special indeed and since that first announcement I have waited with baited breath for the release. The design takes some of the R&D from the WAMM technology that both Dave Wilson and Daryl have been working on and that is that the new 10.5" & 12.5" Bass drivers which were developed from the WAMM project, these are completely new drivers which Wilson Audio have not used before in any speaker until now.

Wilson Audio Alexx Speakers
The System
The system that they were connected to was just as incredible, it was a true state of the art High End HiFi system that was Wison Audio Alexx Speakersconnected to these wonderful new speakers. Also premiering at the event was the D'Agostino Momentum 400 Monoblock Amplifiers which were recently upgraded from the 280 watts to the massively powerful 400 watts that they now kick out from each tiny but beautifully crafted chassis. The Preamplifier was the also D'Agostino Momentum which is a masterpiece of engineering and certainly one of the finest high end preamplifiers to be found and the perfect partner for the Momentum Monoblocks. These were then partnered with dCS Vivaldi 2.0 Stack which is the latest iteration of the Vivaldi and again was only launched this week in the UK. Connecting all of this beautiful electronics together isthe incredible Transparent Cables Magnum Opus, which just happens to be the same cables that Wilson Audio use to wire internally in the Alexx Speakers. For Vinyl KJ were using the Vertere Acoustics RG-1 Reference Record Player with Koetsu Cartridge and the Audio Research Reference 2SE Phono Stage.

The Sound and Performance
Peter McGrath from Wilson Audio had flew in specially for this UK Premiere event, Peter is in his own right is one of the finest recording engineers in the world and records some of the finest work, with many years experience and recordings to his name and he even has his own recording label I believe. It was quite a crowded room with many journalists from different publications all present and eagerly awaiting the presentation and it was not long before proceedings began, after Peter's introduction of the new Alexx Speakers. The sound that came out of the new Alexx speakers was simply amazing as it was so clean and beautiful, we were first treated to Pipe Organ music which went down to 16hz which is not something that you can hear but instead feel, hearing the pipe organ being played through the Alexx was as if the Pipe organ was actually present if you closed your Wison Audio Alexx Speakerseyes you could swear that the real organ itself was generating this amazing sound such was the clarity that the Alexx Speakers gave to us the listeners.Renee Fleming was one of the singers on one of the recordings that Peter had for us and her voice was divine with great imaging, it projected her voice right out into the room with such scale and clarity that the highs and trebles were so smooth with great tonal balance across the scale. The Alexx is not just an awesome beast in lower registers but it can also command the very high notes with great restraint and delicacy, giving a wonderful sound.Gary Peacock American Jazz double-bassist played a string section in one of the tracks and the Wilson Alexx Speakers gave an almost palpable performance with the tension of each pluck of every string being felt and heard but in the most perfect rendition, the unity of drivers is so good that they work seamlessly without any hint of where any of the crossovers start such is the integration of the speakers.Now the Alexx is speaker that can play loud and when I say loud I mean loud without any hint of distortion so you can just turn up the volume and the sound that comes out is just incredible that they will literally blow you away if needed such is the feel of effortlessness from them.

One of my favorites from the demo was a funky remix of the Police track Roxanne from a group called DubXanne which Peter had on CD and this really gave the Alexx room to flex their superiority. The sound was just effortless and the bass was so taught and rich in quality, and again the Wilsons showed how good they are at throwing the imaging around the room with sounds moving around like there was more speakers in the room giving a three dimensionality to the sound. It was a perfect demo track and quite a different mix which was great as it threw in a bit of variety into the mix of music which showed how well they can handle all the different types of music.

Wilson Audio Alexx SpeakersFor the 2 hours that I spent with the Alexx speakers it is something that I will certainly not forget for a very long time and I feel very privileged to have attended the launch of these beautiful speakers as they are truly something wonderful and if you are fortunate to have the 105,000 to be able to afford them then you will be buying some of the best speakers on the planet as they are truly state of the art and the pinnacle of engineering
genius that is Daryl and Dave Wilson. They produce some of the best speakers that I have ever heard and I love the work that they do as they are the closest speakers that you can buy that will give you that intimate feeling of being at a live event !Here are few more pictures for your pleasure from the event... Links to Wilson Audio and the UK Distributor and also KJ West One. WilsonAudio Alexx Speakers Absolute Sounds UK Distributor for Wilson Audio KJ West One Retailer for Wilson Audio in London
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