Event Reports

20 October 2017 -
Event Reports

I was invited by Chord Electronics to attend the Press Launch of their new portable streamer Poly, which is an add-on to their world-renowned Mojo DAC. It turns the DAC into a highly advanced portable streaming device which is incredibly high tech and supports all the major streaming applications ie Spotify, Tidal, Roon and DLNA so that you may stream your music from any NAS server that is connected to the network that you are on. Also built into it is a mini SD slot so that you may load your music directly from a ...read full article

02 October 2017 -
Event Reports

This year was a bigger show than last year with more manufacturers and retailers exhibiting and rightly so seeing that this was its second year at the Novotel Hotel Hammersmith which is in the heart of London. Unfortunately, I could only get to go on the Sunday which was its last day. The venue is a good one which is nicely laid out and on many levels in the hotel. On entrance to the show you get the show guide which gives you all the locations of the various exhibitors, it comes in handy when you suddenly realize ...read full article

28 February 2017 -
Event Reports

This year’s Bristol Sound & Vision Show was in its 30th year and it is the longest running and biggest Hi-Fi and AV Show currently in the UK. I have visited it quite a number of times over this 30-year period and some of them have been very good and some just OK, with the exception of this year’s event. This one seemed to have a buzz surrounding it and well ok it was its 30th anniversary but it was really buzzing, not just because of the high attendance but also due to the fact that it had so many manufactu...read full article

01 November 2016 -
Event Reports

Wilson Audio Yvette First Impressions at the 2016 HiFi Show Live event.My visit to this year’s 2016 HiFi Show Live event was cut short as I had to leave unexpectedly early, but in the short time I was there on the Friday afternoon and evening I got to listen to Wilson Audio’s newest addition to their ever growing list of accomplishments in the high end speaker world. The new Yvette speakers were on demo, with Wilson Audio’s Peter McGrath playing his selection of excellent music recordings.The Yvette Speakers ...read full article

19 September 2016 -
Event Reports

I paid a visit to HMF Solutions who are based in London and specialise in some of the best boutique high end audio products which will make you never want to leave or listen to Stravinsky on anything else but Focal and NAGRA electronics. It was a few hours of musical bliss and for the first time I got to hear what amazing sound NAGRA and Focal Speakers can make together. The system that Ian the owner of HMF Solutions was demonstrating was a pure reference set up with the new NAGRA Classic amplifiers in bridged mode...read full article

21 May 2016 -
Event Reports

The Wilson Audio Alexx Speakers are the latest creations from the son of Dave Wilson, Daryl Wilson has certainly inherited his dads talents when it comes to speaker design and creations as his previous work can be found in the Sabrina which is a stunning speaker and one which I reviewed here at The Speaker Shack back in 2015 and it has been winning accolades all around the world for its fabulous performance. It is one of if the not the best small speaker I have heard to date as it sounds much larger than it actuall...read full article

16 April 2016 -
Event Reports

Here is a short video about the history of how the Martin Logan Neolith came about which is from Martin Logan themselves, it tells the story well and is a good introduction. Main EventI hope that you got a feeling of what the Martin Logan Neolith is about from the video and how passionate the creators were when they made this speaker as it is quite a statement in speaker design. It is one of the most gorgeous looking creations I have seen and for an ESL type of speaker there is so much that has gone into this desig...read full article

10 April 2016 -
Event Reports

Room OneThis was an incredible room with the new Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A Speakers which were being driven by the hugely powerful Constellation Audio InspirationII Monoblock Amplifiers and Inspiration Preamplifier. Connecting all of this beautiful kit together was Transparent Cables and their latest Generation 5 technology which are just amazing cables and their best yet. The digital front end was the Metronome Technologie Kalista CD Player and for analogue duties was the Tech Das Air Force III Turntable wi...read full article

16 January 2016 -
Event Reports

I brought a long a mixture of music so that I could spend as much time listening to music I was familiar with from the reviews that I do. Connected up to the Sonus faber IL Cremonese Speakers was the talented Integrated Amplifier from Audio Research, the new GSi75 which is a stunning piece of hardware,andan all in one solution from one of the best high end audio electronic brands in the business. Also connected was the beautiful Reference CD9 CD Player which I have listened to before on many...read full article

22 October 2015 -
Event Reports

I managed to also meet some awesome people from the industry and introduce myself which was great as it was the first time that this has happened for me and to also get to know some of the genuinely nice people who make and bring all this fabulous kit to us HiFi Lovers. The enthusiasm was so great to be with as it just made the show all that more enjoyable as it is passion for me and for the people who make it also.That passion could not be more forthcoming than from the team at Absolute Sounds who are dedicated in...read full article

29 July 2015 -
Event Reports

Darren Hollands is the Managing Director of MBACo and Chris Wells being the Technical man behind all the engineering and also Beth Marshall who looks after all the Media and Social Marketing aspect of MBACo, it is a small company creating and innovating new and modern high tech Speakers and amplifiers with today's latest technologies available to them, what I like and love about this company is their passion in what they are doing as it clearly comes through when I was talking to Darren about his company and where ...read full article

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